The FIVCO Area Development District has resources available to assist local communities and government entities in applying for grant monies from the federally funded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) fund.

The CDBG program provides assistance to communities for use in revitalizing neighborhoods, expanding affordable housing and economic opportunities, providing infrastructure and/or improving community facilities and services. With the participation of their citizens, communities can devote these funds to a wide range of activities that best serve their own particular development priorities.

All project activities must meet at least one of three national objectives:

  • Benefit to low and moderate income persons
  • Prevention or elimination of slums or blight
  • Meeting particularly urgent community development needs.

Over the past few years local cities and communities have benefited from these grants to help with the replacement of bridges, revitalize out of date structures, improve and expand water and sewer lines, as an example of some of the projects completed.

Who can Apply: All cities and counties are eligible to apply for the funds with the exception of entitlement communities.

Special Requirements: CDBG funds are federal funds allocated by HUD and must comply with numerous federal regulations such as Davis-Bacon wage rates, procurement standards and environmental review procedures, fair housing/equal opportunity, financial management and acquisition requirements. All requirements are set forth in the CDBG Handbook.

CDBG Program Areas

Community Projects:  The Community program is designed to provide funds for community development projects that address human service needs, such as senior centers, crisis centers, fire stations and facilities that provide services to low-income persons.

Community Emergency Relief Fund (CERF):  CERF funds are provided to give communities a means to restore infrastructure or housing that severe weather or natural disasters have negatively impacted. As part of the Commonwealth’s allocation from the CDBG program.

Economic Development:  The Economic Development Branch works to fund development activities that create or retain jobs principally benefiting low and moderate income (LMI) persons. Additional goals provide for the training and provision of human services that allow for the professional advancement of LMI persons.

Public Facilities:  The Public Facilities Branch provides funding to primarily develop Kentucky’s water and wastewater systems

For any additional information you may contact FIVCO Area Development District or use the following link to access the Department for Local Government (DLG) website,, concerning CDBG grants: